HOLLY WAS GREAT TO WORK WITH. Holly was great to work with! She knew the market conditions and was able to execute a competitive contract that ended up making the difference. I have a few friends who have made multiple offers on homes with no luck. We got the first house we put an offer on, and Holly is definitely the reason.

Heather L

I AM SO THANKFUL HOLLY FLOYD. I am so thankful Holly Floyd was our realtor! My friends continually warned me prior to house hunting just how crazy the Dallas market home buying was and that I was in for a headache. I experienced none of those problems with Holly. Her aggressive, competitive, work-with-you attitude made the process easy and headache free. We got the first home we wanted and are beyond thankful! I highly recommend Holly Floyd if you’re looking for a new home.


SHE HAS A STRONG WORK ETHIC. Holly has great professional and interpersonal skills. She has superior organizational skills and is able to multi-task and gets the job done. She is consistently pleasant and maintains an excellent attitude and is a constant encourager. She embraces challenges and welcomes the opportunity to work with a team. Her passion for her career is evident in all aspects of her job and personal life. She has a strong work ethic, great attitude, and cares for her clients.


SHE WAS A REAL ADVOCATE. My wife Elizabeth and I purchased our first home with Holly in June of 2016. We were looking for something simple to take care of and in a good neighborhood for resale purposes. We were not disappointed. Holly sent us several homes online that fit our criteria. However, the first one we visited we ended up buying. All of our needs were met, especially when dealing with the previous owner of the home. Because of how Holly negotiated our contract and maximized the money we had, our contract was accepted even though (we found out later) our contract was the lowest offer.The post-contract process went very smoothly. The few problems that did arise, Holly handled them professionally. Here is one example of a problem that was dealt with perfectly (among others): The previous owner had some roof repairs completed because of a hailstorm earlier in the year. The roofing company did a poor job, but had a warranty. Holly checked on the company and found them to be less than reputable and worked it into our contract that the repairs were to be completed by a roofing company of our choosing and inspected by an inspector of our choosing. As a result, the roof was repaired properly and we didn’t have to worry about the cost as part of our investment. Because of hearing about situations like this from some of our friends in their past buying experiences, we were hesitant about the whole house buying process. However, Holly made sure we felt taken care of the entire time and handled everything for us. She was a real advocate for us as homebuyers. As far as our experience as first time homebuyers, we couldn’t have been happier. We would definitely use and recommend Holly again.
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Holly is extraordinary and works well with a team. She is always positive and willing to work on solutions. She is loyal to people she works with and is sincere. Her attention to detail serves her well in all phases of her work. She is caring to clients and communicates with them well.


Holly is extremely knowledgeable, very organized and efficient. She has a great work ethic and is very dedicated to performing her duties with excellence. She is reliable and dependable. She is able to handle difficult situations with great professionalism and assertiveness. Holly is passionate about her work.


I have never known anyone with a greater passion for her career than Holly. She loves working with people. She always has her client’s best interest at heart and in her decision-making. She is an organizer, planner, mediator and role model. Her congeniality shines in the relationships she has built with people. She exhibits firsthand qualities that others like to emulate.